Article papers, 2017

【1】The impact of data assimilation and atmospheric forcing data on predicting short-term sea ice distribution along the
   northern sea route

     LinkIconLiyanarachchi Waruna Arampath De Silva(The University of Tokyo)

【2】Improving numerical sea ice predictions in the Arctic Ocean by data assimilation using satellite observations

     LinkIconDulini Yasara Mudunkotuwa (The University of Tokyo)/ Univ. Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka)

【3】Preparing an UAV for drift ice observation

     LinkIconKanichiro Matsumura (Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan)

【4】Inter-annual changes in responses of winter sea-ice motions to winds in the Arctic Ocean between 2003 and 2012

     LinkIconEri Yoshizawa (Korea Polar Research Institute, Republic of Korea )

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